Proceedings Volume 1

Gavriilidou, Z, Mitsiaki, M, Fliatouras, A., 2020, Proceedings of XIX EURALEX Congress: Lexicography for Inclusion, Vol. I, Democritus University of Thrace.

1. The Making of the Diretes Dictionary: how to develop an e-dictionary based on automatic inheritance

Barrios M. A.

2. Dictionnaire des francophones - A New Paradigm in Francophone Lexicogr

Dolar K., Steffens M., Gasparini N.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Adaptation of Scientific Dialect Data for Use in a Language Portal for Schoolchildren

Ježovnik J., Kenda-Jež K., Škofic J.

4. “Game of Words”: Play the Game, Clean the Database

Arhar Holdt Š., Logar N., Eva Pori, Iztok Kosem E.

5. Understanding English Dictionaries: the Experience from a Massive Open Online Course

McGillivray B., Nesi H., Rundell M., Süle K.

6. Towards Automatic Linking of Lexicographic Data: the case of a Historical and a Modern Danish Dictionary

Ahmadi S., Nimb S., McCrae J., Sørensen N.

7. Interlinking Slovene Language Datasets

Bajčetić L., Declerck T.

8. Kartu-Verbs: A Semantic Web Base of Inflected Georgian Verb Forms to Bypass Georgian Verb Lemmatization Issues

Ducassé M.

9. Making Dictionaries Visible, Accessible, and Reusable: The Case of the Greek Conceptual Dictionary API

Giouli V., Sidiropoulos N.F.

10. Principled Quality Estimation for Dictionary Sense Linking

Grosse J., Saurí R.

11. Determining Differences of Granularity between Cross-Dictionary Linked Senses

Kouvara E., Gonzàlez M., Grosse J., Saurí R.

12. A Typology of Lexical Ambiforms in Estonian

Vainik E., Paulsen G., Lohk A.

13. By the Way, do Dictionaries Deal with Online Communication? On the Use of Meta-Communicative Connectors in CMC Communication and their Representation in Lexicographic Resources for German

Abel A.

14. Δημιουργία ηλεκτρονικής λεξικογραφικής βάσης για το περιθωριακό λεξιλόγιο της ΝΕ: αρχικός σχεδιασμός

Χριστοπούλου Κ., Ξυδόπουλος Ι. Γ.

15. «Τα σταλθέντα ή τα σταλμένα μηνύματα;» – απολιθώματα των αρχαίων μετοχών στα σύγχρονα λεξικά και στα σώματα κειμένων

Ιορδανίδου Α.

16. Semantic Relations in the Thesaurus of English Idioms: A Corpus-based Study

Giztova G., Ismagilova L.

17. Intensifiers/moderators of verbal multiword expressions in Modern Greek

Mexa M., Markantonatou S.

18. Building a Controlled Lexicon for Authoring Automotive Technical Documents

Miyata R., Sugino H.

19. Reconceptualizing Lexicography: The Broad Understanding

Leroyer P., Køhler Simonsen H.

20. A Morpho-Semantic Digital Didactic Dictionary for Learners of Latin at Early Stages

Márquez Cruz M., Fernández-Pampillón A.Mª.

21. Ενδογλωσσική και διαγλωσσική προσέγγιση της συνωνυμίας. Συγκριτική μελέτη λογοτεχνικών μεταφράσεων με δίγλωσσα και μονόγλωσσα λεξικά.

Ροντογιάννη Α.

22. Towards the Superdictionary: Layers, Tools and Unidirectional Meaning Relations

Tavast A., Koppel K., Langemets M., Kallas J.

23. Lemma Selection and Microstructure: Definitions and Semantic Relations of a Domain-Specific e-Dictionary of the Mathematical Field of Graph Theory

Kruse T., Heid U.

24. A Thematic Dictionary for Doctor–Patient Communication: The Principles and Process of Compilation

Kudashev I.S., Semenova O.V.

25. Τοπωνύμια τηςελληνικής και η σχέση τους με τη νεοελληνική γλωσσική εικόνα του κόσμου

O.B. Bobrova

26. Definitions of the Oxford English Dictionary and Explanatory Combinatorial Dictionary of I. Mel’čuk

Margalitadze T.

27. Frame Semantics in the Specialized Domain of Finance: Building a Termbase to Aid Translation

Pilitsidou V., Giouli V.

28. Le Traitement des Proverbes dans les Dictionnaires Explicatifs Roumains du XIXe Siècle

Aldea M.

29. The interaction of argument structures and complex collocations: role and challenges in learner’s lexicography

Giacomini L.1, DiMuccio-Failla P., Lanzi E.

30. Evaluation of Verb Multiword Expressions discovery measurements in literature corpora of Modern Greek

Stamou V., Malli M., Takorou P., Xylogianni A., Markantonatou S.

31. Creating a DTD template for Greek dialectal lexicography: the case of the Historical Dictionary of the Cappadocian dialect

Karasimos A., Manolessou I., Melissaropoulou D.

32. John Pickering’s Vocabulary (1816) Reconsidered: America’s Earliest Philological Exploration of Lexicography

Miyoshi K.

33. Studying language change through indexed and interlinked dictionaries

Ore C.-E., Grønvik O.

34. When neologisms don’t reach the dictionary: occasionalisms in Spanish

Bueno Ruiz P.J.

35. Arabic Loanwords in English: a Lexicographical Approach

Fournier P., Latrache R.

36. Loanblends in the speech of Greek heritage speakers: a corpus-based lexicological approach

Gavriilidou Z., Mitits L.

37. Inventory of New Romanian Lexemes and Meanings Attested on the Internet

Barbu A.M., Lupu I., Stoica-Dinu O., Teleoacă D.L., Toroipan T.

38. LBC-Dictionary: a Multilingual Cultural Heritage Dictionary. Data Collection Preparation

Farina A., Flinz C.

39. To discriminate between discrimination and inclusion: a lexicographer’s dilemma

Petersson S., Sköldberg E.

40. The MorfFlex Dictionary of Czech as a Source of Linguistic Data

Štěpánková B., Mikulová M. , Hajič J.

41. Announcing the Dictionary: Front Matter in the Three Editions of Furetière’s Dictionnaire Universel

Williams G., Galleron I., Stincone C.

42. Term variation in terminographic resources: a review and a proposal

Cabezas-García M., León-Araúz P.

43. Revisiting Polysemy in Terminology

L’Homme M.-C.

44. Sign Language Corpora and Dictionaries: a Multidimensional Challenge

Vacalopoulou A.

45. Learning dictionary skills from Greek EFL coursebooks: How likely?

Dalpanagioti Th.

46. The Greek Children Spoken Language Corpus (GCSL Corpus) / Το Προφορικό Σώμα Κειμένων Ελληνόφωνων Παιδιών (ΠΣΚΕΠ): Παρουσίαση, Εφαρμογές και

Motsiou E.

47. Audio Recordings in a Specialized Dictionary: A Bilingual Translation and Phrase Dictionary of Medical Terms

Sviķe S., Šķirmante K.

48. Paper Quotation Slips to the Electronic Dictionary of the 17th- and 18th-Century Polish - Digital Index and its Integration with the Dictionary

Bilińska-Brynk J., Rodek E.

49. The Electronic Dictionary of the 17th- and 18th-century Polish - Towards the Formula Asset of the Historical Vocabulary

Bronikowska R., Majdak M., Wieczorek A., Żółtak M.

50. The Development of the Open Dictionary of Contemporary Serbian Language Crowdsourcing Techniques

Lazić Konjik I., Milenković A.


Tenieshvili A.

52. Issues in linking a thesaurus of Macedonian and Thracian gastronomy with the Langual system

Toraki Κ., Markantonatou S., Vacalopoulou A., Minos P., Pavlidis G.

53. XD-AT: A Cross-Dictionary Annotation Tool

Gonzàlez M., Buxton C., Saurí R.

54. Augmented Writing and Lexicography: A Symbiotic Relationship?

Køhler Simonsen H.

55. IdeoMania and Gamification add-ons for App Dictionaries

Caruso V.,Monti J., Andrisani Α., Beatrice B., Contento F., De Tommaso Z., Ferrara F., Menniti A.

56. Skema: A New Tool for Corpus-driven Lexicography

Baisa V., Tiberius C., Ježek E., Colman L., Marini C., Romani E.

57. CROATPAS: A Lexicographic Resource for Croatian Verbs and its Potential for Croatian Language Teaching

Marini C., Ježek E.