Proceedings Volume 2

Gavriilidou, Z, Mitits L., Kiosses S., 2021, Proceedings of XIX EURALEX Congress: Lexicography for Inclusion, Vol. II, Democritus University of Thrace.

58.Pour un Dictionnaire de Familles d’unités (sous-)lexicales

Anastassiadis-Symeonidis A.

59.Combating linguistic myths and stereotypes:The contribution of the Practical Dictionary of Modern Greek of the Academy of Athens

Charalambakis Ch.

60.Dictionaries and Morphology

DeCesaris J.

61.Lexicographic treatment of salient features and challenges in the creation of paper and electronic dictionaries

Prinsloo D.

62.It’s long way to a dictionary: Towards a corpus-based dictionary of neologisms

Afentoulidou V., Christofidou A.

63.Frisian dictionaries, digitized from A to Z

Drenth E., Sijens H., Van de Velde H.

64.Charting A Landscape of Loans. An e-Lexicographical Project on German Lexical Borrowings in Polish Dialects

Meyer P., Hentschel G.

65.Drawing the line between synchrony and diachrony in historical and dialectal lexicography

Manolessou I., Katsouda G.

66.New words in old sources: Additions to the lemma list of a historical scholarly dictionary

Johannsson E.T., Battista S.

67.Stereotypes and Taboo Words in Dictionaries from a Diachronic and a Synchronic Perspective – The Case Study of Croatian and Croatian Church Slavonic

Lazić D., Mihaljević A.

68.Revised entries in the multi-volume edition and TEI encoding: a case of the historical dictionary of Russian

Lyashevskaya O., Penkova Y.

69.A Lexicographic platform for migration terminology: problems and methods

Chiari I.

70.Using verb patterns to find recurrent metaphors in corpus

Renau I.

71.Les termes des arts dans les dictionnaires de la tradition française et dans les corpus de dernière génération : une relation d’inclusion réciproque ?

Zotti V.

72.Towards Automatic Definition Extraction for Serbian

Stanković R., Krstev C., Stijović R., Gočanin M., Škorić M.

73.License to use: ELEXIS survey on licensing lexicographic data and software

Kosem I., Nimb S., Tiberius C., Boelhouwer B., Krek S.

74.Verbal multiword expressions: a preliminary study on the fixedness degree, application to Modern Greek and French

Constant M., Fotopoulou A.

75.Building a Paralympic, Frame-based Dictionary – Towards an Inclusive Design for Dicionário Paraolímpico (Unisinos/Brazil)

Chishman R., da Silva B., Nardes dos Santos A., Vianna A.L.T., de Oliveira S., Martins M.L., de Schryver G-M.

76.The design of an explicit and integrated intervention program for pupils aged 10-12 with the aim to promote dictionary culture and strategies

Gavriilidou Z., Konstantinidou E.

77.Οι Φρασεολογισμοί-Κατασκευές της Νέας Ελληνικής Γλώσσας: Μια Λεξικογραφική Προσέγγιση

Onufrieva E.

78.New developments in Elexifinder, a discovery portal for lexicographic literature

Kosem I., Lindemann D.

79.Crowdsourcing Pedagogical Corpora for Lexicographical Purposes

Zingano Kuhn T., Todorović B.Š., Holdt Š.A., Zviel-Girshin R., Koppel K., Luís A.R., Kosem I.

80.Αρχές για τη δημιουργία ενός εξειδικευμένου λεξικού για ποιητικούς νεολογισμούς: μελέτη περίπτωσης στην ΟΔΥΣΕΙΑ του Νίκου Καζαντζάκη

Mαθιουδάκης Ν.

81.Introducing Terminologue: a cloud-based, open-source terminology management tool

Měchura M. B., Ó Raghallaigh B.