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The City of Alexandroupolis

With its strategic position, a crossroads of sea and land routes, Alexandroupolis connects Europe and Asia, East to the West. This beautiful seaside city, whose trademark is a Lighthouse, forms the centre of a truly fascinating region. The town was given the name “Alexandroupolis” in honor of Alexander the Great, who once had crossed the city while leading Greek troops to Andrianoupolis.

The modern town of Alexandroupolis is the first Greek city to be encountered when crossing the Turkish and the Bulgarian borders. A tour around the coastal zone between the archaeological sites of Mesimvria Zone and Maroneia stretching out to the small port of Agios Charalambos, a visit to ancient Ismara, to the cave-church of Agioi Theodoroi, to the mines and to the famous villa of Kirki are a must during your stay in the area.


Alexandroupolis is an area where access and transfers can be done in multiple ways.

  • Plane

The easiest and quickest way to get to Alexandroupolis is by plane from Athens Airport, with flights departing and landing directly at Alexandroupolis International Airport “Demokritos” (AXD).

Tel.: +30 25510 45198

There are the following ways to get from Alexandroupolis Demokritos International Airport (AXD) to Alexandroupolis:


The airport is served by the city’s buses. The starting point is in front of the airport building and it takes about 20 minutes to reach the city center.



Taxis are available at Alexandroupolis airport arrivals area during the airport’s operating hours.

Taxi Fare: 10 € approximately per ride.

Call Center: +30 25510 33500


Flights landing at Kavala Airport “M. Alexander ”(KVA).

For the transfer from Kavala Airport “M. Alexandros” (KVA) in Alexandroupolis, you can take a taxi from the airport, go to the “KTEL” bus station and then reach Alexandroupolis by bus (information available below in the ‘Bus’ section). Taxis to and from Kavala Airport are available during airport’s operating hours.

Tel.: +30 2591053400

 Flights landing at Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” (SKG).To get from Thessaloniki Makedonia Airport (SKG) to Alexandroupolis, you can take a taxi or bus from the airport, go to the “KTEL” bus station and then reach Alexandroupolis by bus (information available below in the ‘Bus section’ »). Taxis to and from Thessaloniki Airport are available 24 hours a day (24/7), and a bus schedule can be found here:

Airport Tel.: +30 2310 985000

  • Car

Athens is almost 800 kilometers away from Alexandroupolis, about eight hours by car. The distance from Alexandroupolis to Thessaloniki is 310 km, it takes about 3.5 hours by car and the route is comfortable due to the well-developed road network.

  • Train

The region’s rail network serves guests on a daily basis. The journey from Athens is about 11 hours by intercity train and about 14 hours by simple train.

Train Station OSE Alexandroupolis Tel.: +30 25510 26480

Train Station OSE Athens Tel.: +30 210 5297777, +30 210 3624402

  •  Bus

Alexandroupolis can be reached by «KTEL» bus from Athens (approximately 11 hours), Thessaloniki (4 hours), Xanthi (70 minutes) and Kavala (2 hours).

Useful Telephone Numbers of “KTEL” Buses Stations:

Alexandroupolis tel.: +30 25510 26479

Athens tel.: +30 210 5152224

Thessaloniki tel.: +30 2310 595419

Venue & Accommodation

Ramada Plaza Thraki 5*

This deeply luxurious hotel lies on an idyllic beach in the west side of Alexandroupolis. Ramada Plaza Thraki captures the visitor’s eye with its modern architecture drawing inspiration from its spectacular natural environment.
And from the moment you walk in, Ramada Plaza Thraki makes no secret of its luxury with its tastefully glamorous decor and unrivalled views.
With its excellent infrastructure and impeccable services, Ramada Plaza Thraki constitutes a new reference point for northern Greece and the Balkans and a powerful magnet for visitors to one of the most beautiful, yet unexplored parts of Greece.
We strongly recommend that participants stay at Ramada Plaza hotel, which is also the venue of the Congress. It is however important to make a room reservation as soon as possible, since we have a certain block of rooms secured for the participants of Euralex. The negotiated price exclusively for Euralex participants is the following:


– Single room : 70 €/day

– Double room : 90 €/day


Regarding the above rates, they include the following services (free of charge):

  1. Free use of fitness center with the constant supervision of an experienced trainer.
  2. Free use of the Thermal Spa Suite, which includes 4 Experience Showers, Caldarium, Bio Sauna, Aroma Steam Bath, Ice Fountain and Kneipp baths.
  3. Provision of a locker in the changing rooms along with a bathrobe, slippers and a towel.
  4. 15% discount on all other services.

*Breakfast is included

**The residence tax (4.00€/per night) is not included and paid by the participant


In order to book your accommodation, please follow the link here

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