The Congress goes online, but you can still visit Alexandroupolis!

 The Organising Committee of the XIX EURALEX International Congress has the pleasure of inviting you to visit Alexandroupolis. The Greek city where our Congress was to be held before going virtual in favour of all participants safety and health.

Discover Alexandroupolis and its beautiful region!


Visit the city with the imposing Lighthouse and feel the modern everyday life of the locals together with the reflections of its glorious past. Alexandroupolis, with its strategic position, is a crossroads of sea and land routes, connecting Europe and Asia, East to the West. This beautiful seaside city forms the center of a truly fascinating region. The town was given the name “Alexandroupolis” in honor of Alexander the Great, who once had crossed the city while leading Greek troops to Andrianoupolis.


The whole region has it all: exceptional natural beauty, verdant mountains with lush forests and wild vegetation, rivers and significant ecosystems, archaeological sites, monuments, castles and museums, along with wonderful beaches, it is a destination to impress every visitor.

From the city’s port one can travel to the unique island of Samothraki with its steep peaks, the ancient legends, the pebbly beaches, the streams and rivers, the pristine nature, the famous springs and the archaeological finds.


Ramada Plaza Thraki 5*

This deeply luxurious hotel lies on an idyllic beach in the west side of Alexandroupolis. Ramada Plaza Thraki captures the visitor’s eye with its modern architecture drawing inspiration from its spectacular natural environment.
With its excellent infrastructure and impeccable services, Ramada Plaza Thraki constitutes a new reference point for northern Greece and the Balkans and a powerful magnet for visitors to one of the most beautiful, yet unexplored parts of Greece.

Package includes:

– Free use of fitness center with the constant supervision of an experienced trainer.
– Free use of the Thermal Spa Suite including 4 Experience Showers, Caldarium, Bio Sauna, Aroma Steam Bath, Ice Fountain, Kneipp baths.
– Provision of a locker in the changing rooms along with a bathrobe, slippers and a towel.
– 15% discount on all other services.

**The residence tax (4.00 EUR) is not included.


Day 1: HISTORY & CULTURE | Excursion at impressing Archaeological sites.

Ancient Maroneia was one of the three most important city-states in Thrace region, along with Abdera and Aenos. Its incredible size, along with the fact that it has passed a golden age, both made apparent from the excavated ruins, that are so vast that it will take quite some time to visit in their entirety. Cicones were the first people to inhabit this area at around 800 BCE. The village quickly grew to an ancient city that became a commercial and nautical centre of ancient times. The ancient theatre was built in the Hellenistic times and had a capacity of 2500 spectators.

 Ancient Mesimvria-Zoni is one of the six cities of the Samothakian Perea, that citizens of Samothraki built on the Thracian coast across from their island. The ancient city that was excavated originally thought to be Mesimvria but later data hypothesize that it might actually be Zoni and this is why you might encounter it with a double name “Mesimvria-Zoni”. The city was wealthy and renown. Various amazing houses have been excavated at the north of the city, of which the most unique is a house that was had its floor staged on reversed narrow-base amphoras, in order to avoid humidity!

Day 2: ECO-TOURISM & CULTURE | Excursion at Dadia Forrest and Soufli

A visit at the famous Dadia Forest, the crown jewel of Evros Prefecture and a haven of all birds of prey in Greece. It is of enormous ecological importance since it hosts one of the largest and most diverse populations of raptors and reptiles in a protected area of 7.300ha. In its two main protection regions nest more than 120 species of birds. Alongside the abundant summer and winter visitors, a total of 227 species have been recorded. Bird watching requires careful and discreet movements following the well designed and labelled forest trails. An alternative is to ride a small bus of the Dadias ecotourism centre to the observatory opposite the so-called “Taeestra” (The Feed).

Before returning to the hotel, you will stop at Soufli. At the Soufli Silk Museum you will find a detailed presentation of all the phases of sericulture and silk treatment and production. The museum also explores how Soufli became one of the most important places for the silk industry at the end of the 19th century and up to the 1940s. It is housed in the Kourtides Mansion which was built in 1883.


 Enjoy a 3-night stay in Alexandroupolis including:

  • 3 nights Bed & Breakfast at Ramada Plaza 5*
  • Airport transfers to and from Ramada Plaza – from Alexandroupolis International Airport
  • Transfers for excursion to Dadia-Soufli
  • Transfers for excursion Maroneia – Mesimvria

Package rates:

Type of room per person
Single 505 €
Double 270 €
Triple 225 €

To check availability and reserve your accommodation and day trips, please contact the Congress Secretariat:


Official Congress Organizer – PCO for XIX EURALEX International Congress

T: +30 2310 252 336 / 2310 272 275